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How I learned not to fear the Reaper

- - Leadership, Sales

As you go along in life, there are some aphorisms that stick in your brain, sometimes for no apparent reason at all. Other times, it’s because they resonate in a variety of situations, and because of that their meaning seems to deepen as time goes by. I have a few of these that I carry around with me. One is, “Don’t fear the reaper.”

It’s actually a line out of a 1976 song about death and eternal love by Blue Oyster Cult, but the way it got burned into my brain was through business, so I’ve always associated it with that.

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Why sales should never lose alone

- - Sales

Sales can be a very lonely role. You’re out on the front lines with everything exposed. You put out a forecast, pipeline or end of quarter report, and everybody in the organization feels like they can take pops at you. You can quickly go from being the hero–which every salesperson lives for–to being a zero because you didn’t post anything.

With half your income riding on your ability to sell, the only thing worse than posting a zero is having your colleagues throughout the company second guess you. The best way to combat this is for sales leadership to create a culture in which no one loses alone. It’s not easy to do, but it’s a win for the entire company.

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The most important skill needed to become more strategic: Patience

- - Leadership, Sales

I’ve read several blog’s under LinkedIn Pulse #SkillsGap series focused on skills that people are acquiring or refining this year and thought I’d add one more to the list.

If I could acquire one skill, it would be patience. Everybody laughs when I say that. They are probably laughing at me, not with me, because in my informal skills gap poll of work colleagues and family members, everyone was in agreement. There was no hesitation.

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Go Ahead, Google Me

- - Sales, Social Media

I was talking to a colleague the other day, telling him everything I’ve been up to on social media. He was looking at me a little funny. I wasn’t sure if he didn’t believe me or just thought I was nuts, so I said, “Go ahead, Google me.”

He laughed, but I was serious. I’ve made it my business to make it easy for people to find me and learn about me.

You can find about 10 pages of pretty high-quality results, including my LinkedIn profile, my Twitter feed, dozens of blog posts I’ve written, videos and podcasts I’ve participated in, interviews I’ve given and some of my presentation decks that I’ve posted to SlideShare.

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The social sales imperative

social_sales_funnelMost of us in sales know that one of the keys to success in our profession is to always be selling. This doesn’t mean that we have to come across like the Wolf of Wall Street, constantly pitching the customer what they want to hear whether it’s true or not, but it does mean that we have to have an ongoing dialogue with our customers and prospects.

Social media makes this possible in ways we never imagined. What I find amazing is that so many salespeople still seem reluctant to leverage these new platforms and tools to help them stay relevant in the modern buying process.

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