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5 Myths and One Truth About Entrepreneurs

The recent #sharktankweek series on LinkedIn, and this #behindthescenes article, How to Move From Corporate Exec to Entrepreneur by Sally Krawcheck inspired me to share some thoughts on entrepreneurs. I consider myself an entrepreneur, but I’m an employee and I wear a suit, not a hoodie, so I may not look like one to you. I think that’s because a lot of us subscribe to certain myths about what an entrepreneur does or is. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Myth #1: Entrepreneurs are doing something disruptive.

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Shared Services is a Key Investment Toward Becoming More Strategic


There is a lot of talk these days about how finance organizations can become more strategic by “partnering with the business”.  It’s the same everywhere, all over the world.  But, it looks different depending on where you sit in the world, and within your organization.

In APJ CFOs and finance organizations are also being asked to become more strategic, and businesses here are growing so fast that this is imperative.  One of the challenges is, they do not always have the technology and infrastructure to do all the tactical things finance has to do and also undertake more proactive, strategic initiatives and still do both things well.

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The Strategic CFO: To be strategic, get specific


For as long as I’ve been working with and selling to finance professionals, there’s been a lot of talk about how finance can be more strategic.  CFOs in larger multi-national companies, or in more mature markets are already heading down this road. According to a Deloitte Finance Business Partner survey that was presented at a recent SAP event in Singapore, 91% of CFOs reported that they are looking to increase the time spent on finance business partner efforts – meaning they are actively looking for ways to partner with the business to be more strategic.

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