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The most important skill needed to become more strategic: Patience

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I’ve read several blog’s under LinkedIn Pulse #SkillsGap series focused on skills that people are acquiring or refining this year and thought I’d add one more to the list.

If I could acquire one skill, it would be patience. Everybody laughs when I say that. They are probably laughing at me, not with me, because in my informal skills gap poll of work colleagues and family members, everyone was in agreement. There was no hesitation.

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5 Myths and One Truth About Entrepreneurs

The recent #sharktankweek series on LinkedIn, and this #behindthescenes article, How to Move From Corporate Exec to Entrepreneur by Sally Krawcheck inspired me to share some thoughts on entrepreneurs. I consider myself an entrepreneur, but I’m an employee and I wear a suit, not a hoodie, so I may not look like one to you. I think that’s because a lot of us subscribe to certain myths about what an entrepreneur does or is. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Myth #1: Entrepreneurs are doing something disruptive.

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