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Agile Analytics: Three paths to success in APJ

railroad tracksWhen I talk about analytics, I often use the word ‘journey’. I also like to talk about “getting a duck in the water” meaning, just picking a project and getting started. I think these two metaphors best capture the experience of successful analytics deployments.

This is what I see again and again: Customers start by doing something limited in scope, usually to solve a specific business problem, and they get their analytics “sea legs.” The journey continues, and they begin to use analytics in ways that weren’t even on their radar when they started out. It only became possible because of experience gained on the journey and the ability to see things from a new vantage point.

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Why I’m blogging here

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I’ve been in technology for longer than I care to admit, mostly on the sales side, so I never saw myself as a technical person. But as I’ve moved into selling analytics and business intelligence software–some of the most transformational technology in the marketplace today–I have become somewhat of a “tech geek”.  I don’t code–though I would love to learn to do so when I have time–but I really geek out when I see the potential impact this kind of  innovation can have on our lives.

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